I do have an exciting story to share

I was among the top 1% with my amazing data analytics job in the UK. I left the job to stay back in India and pursue something that gives me a better sense of being and more joy - creating a positive impact on society by sharing knowledge.

Heamanand Vadivel

Ex- Data Analytics Manager, 8+ Years in Europe, Microsoft Certified, Certified Supply Chain Professional

Company: Edgewell Personal Care

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Hemanand Vadivel

When asked, what advice would I give to my 20-year old self, I’d say

“The best tag you can get at work is 'problem solver' not 'hard worker'”

My background

I belong to a typical middle-class family in Chennai that believed education is the only way up. I graduated as a mechanical engineer but broke into the supply chain and then later into the analytics field by self-learning.

My last employment is with Edgewell Personal Care, UK where I was leading the Data Analytics team to empower commercial decisions. Prior to that, I was based in Germany and provided analytic solutions to several departments under the European supply chain.

I learned any tool that could get the job done and Power BI was one among them in which I gained mastery. Apart from providing technical solutions I also conducted training, and workshops for both junior and senior-level colleagues to improve data literacy in my company. Over time, I earned a reputation for delivering impactful solutions and was promoted several times as a result. Personally, I loved my job as I was travelling across Europe, getting close exposure to a senior-level leadership team, and learning something new every day.

Despite receiving numerous offers from larger companies with higher compensation, I had no compelling reason to leave this job/company until something unexpected happened in 2022.

My teaching journey

Little did I know that collaborating with Dhaval Patel to create a free YouTube playlist on Power BI would lead to something bigger. I've known Dhaval since 2020, and we occasionally discussed creating educational content. In 2021, I lost a dear family member all of a sudden due to covid and going through grief.

Around the same time, he proposed an idea to create the Power BI course. In the next 6 months, I came out of the grief, saw the best Power BI course on planet earth going live, and realized that I have come in contact with a great soul whose core values align with mine and whose skills complement my own.

Although I originally envisioned working with Dhaval Patel full-time at some point in the future, when the opportunity presented itself sooner, I accepted it without hesitation. I feel incredibly grateful for being in the capacity to create a positive impact through codebasics.

“The best tag you can get at work is 'problem solver' not 'hard worker' ”
Author Quote

It’s not about educated vs uneducated anymore. It’s about people who learn continuously vs people who stopped learning.