I do have an exciting story to share

Severe health struggles caused by an autoimmune disease and a bunch of unexpected events in my life inspired me to teach.

In the end, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Dhaval Patel

Founder @ codebasics.io, Co-Founder @ AtliQ,
Data Entrepreneur, Youtuber 913K+ subscribers,
Ex. Bloomberg, NVIDIA

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Dhaval Patel

When asked, what advice would I give to my 20-year old self, I’d say

“Do not just focus on tech skills. Learning soft/business skills is even more important!”

My background

I worked at NVIDIA as a device driver programmer for 2 years and then joined evolving data industry.

I worked for the world’s biggest financial data and analytics company Bloomberg (New York) for 12 years.

Working with so many smart people on complex data projects gave me in-depth insights into how data-informed decision-making can transform any business.

I mainly used Python, C++, UNIX, Various Data Analytics and ML tools to solve state-of-the-art problems.

I never thought I would go into teaching as I was earning BIG MONEY working in Bloomberg’s Princeton, USA office and my career was on a rapid rise!

My teaching journey

While I was living a lavish life in the USA enjoying my career progress, life threw a curve ball at me. I was diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease called ulcerative colitis.

It took a huge toll on me and a few years down the road I was reduced to a walking skeleton weighing 108 lb at 5 ft 10-inch height. During the days of depression, I thought that I should do something to engage my brain in some selfless activity. I started teaching Python on YouTube with the hope that it will serve as a therapy for my mental health.

A few months down the road, I started receiving amazing comments on my teaching style and how easily I can explain the most complex topic. This was my “Aha” moment! I realized the universe was guiding me to find my true calling (or IKIGAI). My YouTube channel (Codebasics) has exploded since then! In 2022, I was able to leave my high-paying job at Bloomberg to pursue teaching full-time.

“Do not just focus on tech skills. Learning soft/business skills is even more important! ”

In the era of ChatGPT and AI, business skills and soft skills are becoming even more important compared to tool skills. Any pursuit of learning should be a holistic balance of both technical and soft skills if one truly wants to become industry ready!